Mr John Bowen FRCS(Paed) The Specialist Children’s Surgeon Your Child Matters
Mr John Bowen FRCS(Paed)The Specialist Children’s Surgeon Your Child Matters  


“A silly question is the one you did not feel able to ask!!”


Please never leave a consultation with me feeling confused- always ask!


Does every child I see need an operation?
NO! Just because I am a Surgeon does not mean that all children I am referred need an operation! For some conditions an operation might be part of the treatment, but an important part of my job is helping understand when an operation is NOT necessary.
Quite a lot of my work is carried out in the Out-patient clinic only.


Where do I have my out-patient clinics?
All of my NHS out-patient work is carried out at RMCH; my clinics happen on Tuesdays.

I am happy see your child privately at one of my Consulting sessions in Spire Hospital Manchester or the Spire Hale clinic.
Please ring Liz, my private PA, for my availability, and prices.


If my child needs an operation, where will it happen?
Most NHS treatments are carried out at RMCH.
If I am treating your child privately, I will advise you where it is most appropriate for you child to have his/her operation; most children having 'Day-case' procedures are very safely treated at the Spire Hospital, Manchester. However, if your child is very young, or has complex medical problems, I will organise an admission to RMCH.


Will the nurses looking after my child be Registered Sick Children’s Nurses (RSCN)?
Yes, always at RMCH.
However, if your child is over 13 years of age in the Spire Hospital, care may be shared between an RSCN and Adult trained nurse. This will not affect the quality of care your child receives.


Will my Child’s Anaesthetist be a Paediatric Anaesthetist?
Yes always; I work with a Team of skilled Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetists who are experienced in anaesthesia for babies and children. I make sure that your child’s anaesthetist has expertise appropriate to your child’s needs.


What if my child needs an Xray?


If your child needs Xray or scan I refer to Consultant Paediatric Radiologists based with me at RMCH; your Radiologist will advise you if your child’s scan is to be carried out at RMCH or one of our Private Hospitals. Most children I see do not need Xrays.


Or blood tests?


My Nurses in Out-patient or on the wards will take your child’s blood although most children I see do not need blood tests.


Do we need Private Healthcare Insurance for private treatment?
Not at all. More and more people without insurance are choosing to pay for Out-patient consultation or even surgical treatment (‘self pay’). Please contact Liz for details and prices.


If you are insured I will give you details of your child’s condition and treatment to make authorisation for treatment with your insurance company as smooth as possible.


I hope you find my website helpful in understanding what I do and deciding if I can help treat your child, or instructing me as your Expert Witness

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